Ghana’s Event App ‘Purlieu’ Launched

Ghana’s Event App ‘Purlieu’ Launched
Ghana's Event App 'Purlieu' Launched
The social media app ready to host events in Ghana has been finally unveiled. Just yesterday, May 7’16, an official packaging of the Purlieu product has confirmed the availability of the trendy application (app) on Android mobile platform. The company has released a native application named, Purlieu App for the forth-generation of event enthusiasts but the app is currently not on OS App Store.

An all round events, location-based, central joint collection which aims to foster consumer-event search as well as bridging the gap between event managers and how they spread their wings on making their event reachable to the masses. The app allows a curation of events spot from many sources and location.

To make it easier for users and events coordinators, Purlieu creators invite event organizer and the general public to partner with them so they can help deliver events to doorstep. The app’s uniquely built feed users with vast collections of events and happenings, from the lesser known bunker to the most popular hangouts.

Addressing the issue on what happens to the ratings and comments on events Purlieu users accessed, Yaw said: “the amazing thing about Purlieu is that, once you have a bad comment review on your event, it stays there for two-weeks and after that, your event is freed from the bad review and ready for new beginnings”


PURLIEU simply means “the area near or surrounding a place” in case you you are biting your tongue trying to sound weird here’s how to best you can save yourself with the pronunciation. |ˈpɜːrluː| in American’s English and the British will say |ˈpəːljuː|

So for instance you can say: “The VGMAs’ red room, the preferred purlieu of the theatergoing crowd, is always packed an hour or two before showtime” Or better still; “We stopped at one of the several pubs in the purlieus of the Conference Centre”.

What are you doing this week? Do you want to find those trending events everyone is talking about? Or are you looking for that snugly date event in your city to take that special someone? Purlieu has you covered. Download the app if you are an Android user, and stay glued for the exclusive IOS version shortly.

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