Cabum Takes swipe at Kokovelli In ‘To Be A Man’ Video

Video well shot. Lend some applause to the creative director at Ohenemedia.
Cabum Takes swipe at Kokovelli In 'To Be A Man' Video
Cabum, the Ghanaian hip hop artist and producer released a new single titled To Be A Man and he follows it with this epic visual shot somewhere in Kumasi.

Whereas the new self produced single talks about the challenges a man has to grow through to survive on earth, it clearly detailed some efforts many go through in their daily lives.

There’s little or no doubt Cabum exhibited a life-telling story concept in his video since the last time I checked, 90% of Kumasi based videos followed suit. From the Kumawood movies to the actors and actress cum movie-sound track artistes, all we see it a duplicate of lifestyle happening.

This passes as the firt Cabum video I have ever watched, the very essence for this article but I’m a 80 percent Cabum fan. I love his style, rap deftness and ability stay in his elements whenever he grabs a mic.

‘To Be A Man’ as Cabum titles his latest record releases some nostaglic feeling when watching the 3 minute 28 seconds video. Far from what I expect. The snap works done by Ohene Media places Cabum a step higher than most of the yet-to-break through artiste Ghana currently hosts.

A household name when you mention the top ten Kumasi Mcs yet I find Cabum’s dreams of becoming a nationwide MC a dream lost in space.

Not only did he make sense in the video you are about to watch below, he also made references to some musicians like Reggie N Bollie who become successful after hitting on UK’s top notched music show the X Factor. Maybe he wanted to rhyme but it was very unecessary to jab faded musicians who paved way for what you’re enjoying in their abscence. Hiplife artiste, Kokoveli who appears to have fallen off this planet after the release of his third album, ‘Me Mbre’ in 2007 has been mocked in Cabum’s words. Kokovelli who is known for top hits ‘ZaaZa,’ ‘Sudwe’ amongst others still enjoys more airplay than any of Cabum’s records yet as a way of telling his fans to aim higher whilst working with their hands ‘To Be A Man’, Cabum is heard repeatedly saying “Don’t mess up like Kokovelli”. This line comes right after Cabum tries a squence ryhme from “Chase wu dream ti se Tom and Jerry,” “One day wo be ye ti se Reggie N Bollie…” and then the repeated “Don’t mess up like Kokovelli” follows.

It’s very direspectful to see up and coming artistes taking swipes at the old folks just for attention. This video is good and very creative and it also makes a lot of sense espeially in his field where up and coming musician’s lyrical content in music is mostly lost… but he managed to destroy the beautiful picture he painted with the Kokovelli diss and also the last scence in the video where his shirt reads “Kumasi Got My Back #Chedeshi”.

Cabum Takes swipe at Kokovelli In 'To Be A Man' Video

Kumasi Got My Back

Let’s hope Kumasi fans alone will watch this video below. Enjoy!

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