Leave My Family Out Of Your Insults – Delay to Ghanaians

Leave My Family Out Of Your Insults – Delay
Leave My Family Out Of Your Insults - Delay to Ghanaians
One of Ghana’s most controversial and award-winning female TV personalities and host of the Delay Show, Deloris Frimpong-Manso, popularly hailed as Delay has disclosed bitterly that she has been forced my her family members to tone down when she is interviewing her guests.

According to her, Ghanaians have over the years heaped insults on her because of her interview questions and have started insulting her family members as well.

She disclosed on her Delay show that, “Ghanaians have insulted me over the years because of how I conduct my interview and they have moved on to my family and they are getting affected. From now onwards, when I have a guest on my show, the questions I would ask include; what’s your name, where do you come from, what’s your favourite food and after 30 minutes, we would all stand up and go.”

She continued, “Maybe that’s what Ghanaians want and I just have to go according to what they want because my family is now getting affected by the insults.” She bitterly revealed.

Delay over the years has been noted to be that one presenter who ask questions as it is without fear or favour.

She has that vim and vigour to ask questions that any normal presenter would not even dare ask.

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