Christabel Ekeh Shares Racy Bikini Photos

Celebrity nudes = Fame, fortune and filth.
Christabel Ekeh Shares Racy Bikini Photos
Just before you think of what’s going to break the 2G internet this weekend, actress Christabel Ekeh resurfaces online! This time she’s not seen donating food and items rather, donating her body in amazing racy photos.

Talk of the smoking stars who shows off their amazing curves and cute bikinis on social media, Christabel Ekeh is one. Celebrity ‘nude’ photos inspire instant adoration and fascination from the masses, most of whom are sexually frustrated enough to care. This is the state of today’s celebrities. Especially if you want to get or stay famous.

Besides, there’s no better way for celebs to boost their value and get widespread global media attention than by dropping some naughty pics. Intentionally leaked photos of naked celebrities are more common than, despite their usual accusatory claims and victimized lamentations but here in Africa, Ghana, we’ve seen some of our local beauties trying their best to break the internet.

Let’s place some kind of arbitrary importance on these photographs because, let’s face it, whilst some people get private images leaked (be it nude or half naked), after a while we stopped gawping at their flesh and begin to wonder who the hell they are if not the celebrity who exposes more of her body that their career.

Amidst all the exciting moments, Ekeh always makes time to slip into a two-piece and show off her famous figure just like she did in 2013 and last year (May 19 2015)where she rocked a yellow beachsuit with cut-outs at all the important places…

Christabel Ekeh Shares Racy Bikini Photos

Ekeh – 2015

Whether she’s got a six-pack or small boobs, she still maintains the yellow memory, toning it with a faded blue panty this time. She has also made sure to document her steamiest moments with series of social media snaps and fashion spreads.
Christabel Ekeh Shares Racy Bikini Photos
Christabel’s constant racy photos which are well toned thanks to photoshop and good photography cements the fact that she’s a better photo model aside hoping to be ‘film star’ she has ever dreamt of.

Go ahead and feed your eyes on the curves below. Find a spot and leave her a word or two… hit or miss?
Christabel Ekeh Shares Racy Bikini Photos

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