Watch Halfdan in ‘The impossible is not impossible’

Watch Halfdan in ‘The impossible is not impossible’
Watch Halfdan in 'The impossible is not impossible'
Dan Meyer is a Noble prize Winner, Guinness World Record Sword Swallower and an individual who has overcome his fears. Check out this short clip of him swallowing a sword.

Everyone has fears and everyone has dreams.

Most people if not everyone would think of living successful or perhaps be a superhero somewhere. It takes only the brave ones to do something remarkable in their entire life, doing the impossible and somehow contributing to the rate at which the world changes.

He’s best known as ‘Halfdan’ the sword swallower but known personally as Dan Meyer. His recent speech at the just ended TedxAccra Ghana’s ‘Rethink’ revealed ways we can all do the impossible, by words and by actions.

For instance, you are witch, you could use your flying skills to teach some basic life etiquettes whilst motivating the youngones about the good reasons to fly instead of just using the witchery to destroy what people have built over decades… You need to rethink and save some lives.

In Dan’s case, his revealed how he overcame extreme fears to do extreme feats, how he found his unique purpose and calling to change the world in a bizarre way you will not expect, and he finally helped the audience to RETHINK their priorities to do the impossible in life when he swallowed the 27inch sword on stage.

He can swallow more, at most 29 swords on the spot! That’s a mouthful of swords which lead to his world record in the Guinness World Record for the “Most Sword Swallowed Simultaneously” by swallowing 29 SWORDS at ONCE!

It’s not as if Meyer was competing with anyone though, he only broke his previous records of swallowing 21 swords and 27 swords.

It was pretty amazing when I met him for less than 2 minutes in a chat just to have an idea how weird humans can be. As a science geek, amid his weirdness, he’s also an amazing guy who believes everything is possible whilst living a normal life. For the first time as a listener, I couldn’t really grasp all that he said on stage, phrasing the human body and connecting cords of weirdness to life making it look so simple to believe that swallowing a sword is the easiest bit of action in the world. But there’s one thing I believed, “The impossible is not impossible,” and also we can begin to focus more on that 1 percent reason why our life dealings can be plausible whilst figuring out how to make it possible.

Dan Meyer is a Director of a humanitarian aid agency in Kazakhstan, winner of the 2007 Ig Nobel Prize in Medicine at Harvard, and 39x world record holder and leading expert in the world’s most dangerous art. Dan is passionate about inspiring people to RETHINK their priorities, do the impossible and change the world.

This video of Dan swallowing a sword backstage will blow your mind. NOTE: Don’t try this at home kids.

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