Shatta Michy To Appear As ‘Tsotso’ in Delay’s Cocoabrown series

Shatta Michy To Appear As ‘Tsotso’ in Delay’s Cocoabrown series
Shatta Michy To Appear As 'Tsotso' in Delay's Cocoabrown series
Wife of Shatta Wale, Michelle Diamond aka Shatta Michy will be playing the role of Tsotso in a new television series from the camp of Deloris Frimpong Manso titled Cocoabrown.

Cocoabrown is an autobiography of Delay’s life and Tsotso happens to be one of the very first friends she had while starting life.

This is the description of Shatta Michy’s character;

Tsotso – This wild and fun character is inspired and based on my real and longtime friend Esther “Tsotso” Tetteh. Many have come and gone through the various stages of my life but Esther is one who has stuck with me through it all.

Back in the day when I first started out, it’s no secret that I was battling my demons. Somewhere between those battles I met another troubled young lady, Esther.

Esther and I clicked instantly. I had my issues, she had hers… but our demons played so well together. The memories of our friendship are wild and unheard of. From club nights , damaged exes to when one of our own friends was found dead in a swimming pool…Trust me, the stories between us are more than any show or movie can capture, but you’ll get a glimpse of our antics on the Cocoa Brown series.

This character is special to me because it’s in honor of my dear friend,

so finding the right actress to play Tsotso’s character was quite a task. Many actresses attempted, but it was never quite right.

During my interview with Shatta Wale’s wife on the Delay show, something about her personality felt familiar. After the interview, I asked her to test for the role.

Like a true star, Michelle Diamond (a.k.a. SHATTA MICHY) came through and effortlessly slayed the role. This is one character the bad girls (both new & reformed) are going to love

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