Reggie Rockstone, VVIP lights Up Stage With Back to Back Hits

Reggie Rockstone, VVIP lights Up Stage With Back to Back Hits
Reggie Rockstone, VVIP lights Up Stage With Back to Back Hits
They are legends!

It’s time Ghanaians see the strength of this legendary group – VVIP. They can bring back memories any day, anytime and anywhere.
From a black-out audience of about four hundred and one, VVIP managed to relieve the audience-frustrations bits and turned the late start of the Vodafone Unity Concert into something memorable.

They were my favourite until Stonebwoy came along to perform live but they really did a good job, swept passed the timid audience to lights up the auditorium for unity.

Grandpa Reggie Rockstone was the first to enter the stage with his famous antics, only this time he came with a football in hand. After scoring a goal on the soccer-pitch themed stage, he began to show the audience why he has been in the music game for so long.
Aside the jumping which brought the other part of VVIP to join the Grandpa, VVIP’s music was just what the audience need to quench their thirst.

One good advantage of the VVIP group at events is that, you get a little bit of everything. From back to back hits on Reggie’s own records to the combination of VIP hit records and finally the merging of both characters to give you a toast of what VVIP is all about.
Power, strength, experience, humor and entertainment is what VVIP added to the just ended Vodafone Unity Concert.

It could have been more if the time was extended as the legendary group had more songs, more energy and even more antics to display. From start to finish, VVIP was one of the groups who gave patrons a run for their money last Friday (10-06-16).

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