Mzbel is living a lie life – Diamond Appiah

Mzbel is living a lie life – Diamond Appiah
Mzbel is living a lie life - Diamond Appiah
Opinionated young woman Caroline Sampson surprised the public when news flooded several websites that she quitted pursuing her passion because of a blunt comment she passed on female Ghanaian artist Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah otherwise known as MzBel.

On Thursday May 31, news broke that Caroline was no longer pursing her television programme ‘Celebrity Fan Zone’ which she co-hosted with Citi FM’s Jessica Opare Saforo and Chantelle Asante because of MzBel.

Although she claims her submission was only misinterpreted and that her decision to quit was quite personal, she revealed:
“I quit as a co-host because people were not ready to accept situations as they are and preferred I massaged issues which I wasn’t ready for. I have my own principles and I stick to that. I’m blunt, just like that.

Meanwhile, many are surprised at her reason for quitting and some even fell heartbroken.

Beautician, singer cum Politician Diamond Appiah has joined the lot who passed comments about Mama Caro’s revelations.
As a staunch critic of MzBel, Diamond Appiah took to photo-blogging site Instagram to share a lengthy post.

According to Diamond, the Ghanaian industry is full of fake people and needs honest and blunt people like Caroline to put things right.
Continue reading her submission below..

“My dear Caroline, how can a hardworking media personality like u quit a Tv Show bcos of a Goddam Liar ?? Am really heartbroken to read this bcos anybody that know her personally know the fact that she is living a Lie, lies a lot n always lie for public sympathy. Didn’t she create the impression to all that the man was responsible until he came out with the truth? You never lied dear, what u said on the show was the truth so quitting for speaking the truth is unacceptable. We need honest ppl like u on our Tv screens n airwaves so consider going back to the show with ur awesomeness. Never quit anything in life bcos of ppl’s opinions bcos opinions doesn’t pay bills. Keep being Real!”

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