Eazzy and Diamond Appiah Are My Worst Musicians Ever

Eazzy and Diamond Appiah Are My Worst Musicians Ever
Eazzy and Diamond Appiah Are My Worst Musicians Ever
It is usually difficult for people who find themselves trading in the same sector with their counterparts to point out those they feel are not doing well within the trade.

Especially when they are asked to mention names. But with Ace musician and popular entertainment critic – Willi Roi, who just released his latest tune – “Prodigal lover”, mentioning the names of those he feels are empty vessels within the Music industry came as easy as blinking the eye.

When Vibesin5.com had a one on one interview with the Veteran musician to get his views on the current state of the music industry in terms of talents, he disclosed that the industry has some great talents.

According to him, most of the youth are very talented and are eager to do something with their lives. They are churning out good music and also exploring new avenues in music business.

He again mentioned that the new crop of talents are experimenting with new genres of music and styles of delivery. Which he finds interesting and very positive.

He went on to say that what most of these fresh and established talents need is constant guidance and practice.

When asked to mention two musicians that in his opinion are not talented, the popular AM Pluzz pundit didn’t mince words at all. He mentioned “kpakpo shito” hit maker – Eazzy and Diamond Appiah as his worst ever musicians in Ghana.

Willi Roi revealed that he feels Eazzy has zero talent and bad vocals. He also believes Eazzy’s songs are empty. Usually zero in content.

According to the “Prodigal Lover” singer, Eazzy screams on top of her voice and doesn’t really seem to know what she is about.

“Eazzy to me has no talent, her vocals too is bad, she is always screaming in her songs and her songs lack content. I don’t know what she is doing in the industry”, he said.

He went on touch on why he thinks Diamond should also be named as a bad musician. For Willi Roi, Diamond is worse as compared to Eazzy.

He stated that Diamond lacks all the ingredients that make a good musician. She has worse vocals, empty lyrics, zero showmanship and poor delivery. Left to him, Diamond shouldn’t be doing music because she is simply not cut for it.

“Diamond dierrr she is worse worse worse even more than Eazzy. That girl is not a musician. She doesn’t have what it takes to do music. Vocals is bad, lyrics the same, delivery is nothing to write home about. I don’t know why she even calls herself a musician. And the sad part is that they are not even aware that they are not good” Willi Roi said in confidence.

When asked whether he is not being too hard on these ladies, the voice coach said he needed to be hard on them because music business is no joke. “We need to tackle the bull by the horn and deal with issues the way they have to be dealt with”. He again stated.

He further went on to advice Eazzy and Diamond to first of all, come to the realization that they have are not good and have a problem, and then move on to find solutions to their problem through learning and constant practice. If they are not ready to do this he doesn’t see their use in the music industry.

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