Dead Girl Wakes Up In Coffin But Died Again After Priest Failed Exorcise

Dead girlThis is odd but true. A family in Honduras broke open their 16-year-old relative’s coffin when she was heard screaming inside a day after her funeral. Sadly, she died at the hospital just hours later.

Many peoples’ worst nightmare became a reality in Honduras this week, when the dead girl (Neysi Perez) was buried alive in a concrete coffin and could be heard screaming for help from inside days later. Shortly after she was excavated from the tomb, though, she was, sadly, officially pronounced dead.

Trouble started when Neysi was found unconscious outside her home and began foaming at the mouth. Since her family is super religious, they called a priest, who tried to exorcise her, but when it didn’t work, she was rushed to the hospital, and just three hours later, doctors declared she was dead.
Watch the video below.


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