TedxAccra 2016 speakers: Meet Jeremiah Buabeng #RethinkAccra

TedxAccra 2016 speakers: Meet Jeremiah Buabeng #RethinkAccraJeremiah Buabeng was recently voted as Ghana’s No.1 Young Speaker Speakers Bureau Ghana. He is a motivational speaker, life coach, author, corporate trainer and entrepreneur. He has a track record of over 600 speaking engagements, over 100 radio and TV interviews and hosted over 90 seminars and conferences across 9 regions of Ghana sharing the stage with some of the most illustrious figures in the country.

He is the author of four books namely Take Off, Stand Out, Giant Leap and Game Changer. Jeremiah has trained notable companies including financial services company AFB which listed on the stock market recently, the Healthstar Group comprising pharmacies, funeral home and clinic, and the staff and management of Lekma Polyclinic. He is the host of the annual ACCRA YOUTH SUMMIT which gathers the most influential of Ghana’s Young Achievers.

Jeremiah is the founder and Executive President of Matrix Institute, a human capital development organization and the Founder/CEO of Buabeng Communications, a mass communications company.

Why you should listen
I am 27 years old and I have had a great life. I’m not rich yet. I don’t even consider myself successful yet. But I have had more than my fair share of the recognition, respect and influence that most people get at my age. I was born to ordinary Ghanaian parents. My father is a plumber and my mother is a trader. My father managed to build a three bedroom house for his family but he didn’t complete it.

It was plastered but never painted. He also couldn’t give us access to electricity. But we were thankful that our father had built a house so we went to live in it, in the house without electricity. For ten years we lived in a house without electricity. I lived in that house and wrote my BECE. Through diligence and discipline I managed to top my class. Many people would have used that as an excuse to fail.

But for me it was a reason to prove that I was a force to reckon with. I spent that ten years in darkness paying the price for greatness, reading in the dark and sharpening my gifts. It was during this period that I also discovered my gift for motivational speaking at age 17. This year I will be celebrating my 10th anniversary as a motivational speaker. I have been voted No. Young Speaker in Ghana and 34th Most Influential Young Ghanaian. I have founded and I’m still building two organizations. I think I have a story to tell.

Quote from Jeremiah

In life, what you are looking for is not looking for you. You have go out there and look for it. Jeremiah Buabeng

More from the speaker
Facebook: www.facebook.com/jeremiahbuabeng
Twitter: @jere_buabeng
Website: www.jeremiahbuabeng.com

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