TedxAccra 2016 speakers: Meet Dr. Elikem Tamaklo #RethinkAccra

TedxAccra 2016 speakers: Meet Dr. Elikem Tamaklo #RethinkAccraI have always considered working as a doctor a privilege. I would catch a glimpse of the most intimate selves of my patients in the fleeting moments of interaction, and in their vulnerability, I would be humbly reminded that I was an honoured guest in a significant moment in their lives. However, their trust was not earned by my accolades or my knowledge of medicine, although important, but by the simple understanding that I would put them first in my deliberations and that I would be honest.

This formed the hallmark of my medical practice and now forms the foundation of my work as the Managing Director of Nyaho Medical Centre. Building trust requires putting patients first; it requires teamwork and collaboration; it requires a perseverance to learn and do better. This is our mission, to influence healthcare for the better, maintaining the trust that has been placed in us.

Why you should listen
I remember the encouraging words spoken by my primary school teacher when I found out that I had failed my exams again. I had resigned myself to the seeming inevitability of my situation, and thought, ‘what was the point?’ However, his words inspired me to get back up and try again. His words transformed my thinking, unlocking my imagination to ‘believe in better’.

My achievements in healthcare and the not-for-profit sector are a testament to this belief, that we all have the ability to do better. I believe my words can inspire and spark hope in those who resonate with my journey.

Quote from Dr. TAMAKLO

“I have seen people looking for solutions in all manner of places, only to find disappointment at the end of their search. In some circumstances, disappointment resulted in death, but in others, there was a tremendous sense of frustration in knowing that things might have been different if they had been born in a different country. I am not satisfied with this kind of injustice, and I am not content to become a voyeur in this loss.”

More from the speaker
LinkedIn: Elikem Tamaklo
Twitter: @ElikemTamaklo

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