I visit 2 billion people in the spiritual realm every night – Obinim

I visit 2 billion people in the spiritual realm every night - ObinimLeader and founder of the International God’s way Church Bishop Daniel Obinim says, he works on about two billion people a night in the spiritual realm.

The controversial preacher’s utterances has attracted outrage in the past for saying that he could metamorphose into animals in the spiritual realm .

Speaking on UTV’s Adekye Nsroma on Friday Morning, he said that most often angels of God come to live among us but we do not recognise them just because they come in the form of Humans.

After accomplishing their mission, they then vacate the premises they live in.

When asked by the host how many people he worked on the previous night, he answered ;”I can work on two billion people a night all over the world. Yesterday for instance, my spirit went to work on anyone who trust me or is a fan of me and those who have adopted me as a spiritual father. My spirit which is an angel goes to work on them.”

The outlandish man of God clarified his infamous ‘animal metamorphosis’ comments.

“I can’t say that Maame Asomasi maybe I went with my real face. It depends on the kind of problem. For example if I go to thirty million people I can say I just turn into an animal for just two million people they are those who are being afflicted by animals but the others may want a job, childbirth, money and a job so for those people, I go with my real face to help them out of their problems” he added.

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