Photo: Yvonne Nelson spends quality time with Baby Daddy

Yvonne Nelson spends quality time with Baby Daddy

Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson was recently accused by a Nigerian woman of snatching her husband and getting pregnant for him.

While the story turned out to be a plot by Emmanuella (Keela Harrison) the Akwa Ibom state born lady who accused Yvonne of crashing her Marriage, the man involved between the two beautiful women have finally made a quick move to spend some time with the mother of his daughter.

Yvonne Nelson is spending quality time with baby daddy Jamie who is currently in Ghana. Jamie in a recent photo where he’s seen all wrapped up in Yvonne Nelson captioned it “Reality Check.”

Nothing beats this kind of attention a mother deserves after giving birth.

Mother of one and producer of popular series Heels & Sneaker recently revealed reasons why she dumped her fiance to become a baby mamaShe has said that, giving birth out of wedlock is no crime and socitey should embrace it.

She believes her new man has the vibe, friendship, and he makes her happy a lot so she doesn’t need a rock on her finger before making babies.

In an Interview with Wow Magazine, Yvonne disclosed that an ideal guy proposed to her on her 30th birthday but she dumped him because he wanted her to move to London. She said although people change their whole life for marriage, that was not something she wanted to do.

‘’It’s quite funny because someone proposed and I didn’t even get to have a baby for the person and then this person who hasn’t proposed I’m having a baby for him. So it’s a vibe, its friendship, its understanding, it’s how happy the person makes you, it is not about someone putting a rock on your finger and you forget,’’ she added speaking about her planned pregnancy.

Yvonne Nelson also added that she so ready to have a baby when she knew she was pregnant. ‘’I wasn’t sure but I suspected I was. I was in London at the time with my man. I was so ready; I knew this was what I wanted at this moment in my life. I pray to God all the time and I tell him that I want to start a family and have kids of my own, It was part of my prayers so I just knew that I’m not married but this is what I want to do. So when I did a test and it came out positive, I was truly happy.”

‘’But the hard part was having to tell my mum, I waited for my mum , she had just returned from a trip, I remember telling her I was pregnant and she was so shocked and her first words were but you are not married and I replied her back yes mum I know and then it was a long conversation but right now she is just so happy and so am I,’’ she added in the interview.

Jamie is known to have photographed personalities like Hollywood star, John Boyega, Sammy Forson, model Leanna Beckford and Ava Enchill.

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