Youngstar Spot: Meet The Takoradi Rapper –Curr3ncy

curr3ncySince Hip-Life was introduced in Ghana, many have been involved and they’ve so far exposed their best diverse ways. Hip-Life started off in Ashanti Twi and later got to other Ghanaian local languages such as Fante, Ewe, Frafra, GA, just to mention a few… These artists basically demonstrated where they come from with their lyrics and contents; and that was more vivid in their songs because they preached what they have experienced personally.

Youngstar –Nana Yaw Celestins best known as “Curr3ncy” in the music circles is the talk of town. This youngstar represents Takoradi located in the Western Region of Ghana, and raps in the Fante dialect. He started showing off his exceptional talent way back in Takoradi but now resides in the US. Location isn’t a hinderance to creativity so he never lost the opportunity of getting his music across to the masses through the sticky internet platforms available. His freestyles are unique and he has a rising fanbase already.
Listening to this young artist for the very first time, I knew he is here to stay and his talent will be recognized very easily. There are some few things I noticed about him and those are definitely the attributes of a real artist. Many young and upcoming artists lack these qualities and I can say Curr3ncy could easily rub shoulders with the “Top” artists trending at the moment.

His lyrics are straight forward and very clear; that comes with a stylish delivery. He possesses an unbelievable sense of humour which I believe makes me and thousands of his fans in Ghana, US and the rest of the world want to listen to him all the time. He is also very creative with his story telling skills… He does paint a clear picture of any situation in his songs. All he needs is the right instrumentals… Well, he does it without instrumentals too!

He has already impressed a lot industry players and some of our music legends like Samini, Nana Quame, KK Fosu, Sony Achiba, A Plus, and many others who I believe have been in the game for long and can easily recognize a great talent. Curr3ncy has sharing the same stage with some of our Top artists in Atlanta on the #SaminiUnplugged which came off in July.

Curr3ncy is the next biggest star the world really needs to prepare for. His freestyles always go viral on social media and his singles keep trending. He’s “Me Do Wo” featuring sensational singer; Singlet is already out. He plans on collaborations with KK Fosu, Nana Quame, Sony Achiba and many more legends. Listen to “Me Do Wo” below and have your say.


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