You never hear D-Black rap so good until his ‘wanlov’ beef – Jessica OS

Jessica reveals her discovery of 'cheating' men over the years

You never hear D-Black rap so good until his ‘wanlov’ beef – Jessica OS

Very soon, there will be a big bang in the Ghanaian industry. All the focused attention giving to acclaimed A-list artistes will shift towards the fast rising budding youngsters and pent-up emotions that haven’t been acted upon will rise to the fore, and break free.

A lot  has been said about artistes, especially those from Ghana and the way they rise to fame – the cheap way!

It’s either they are putting their hands in a lady’s pants on stage, showing their tiny organs or perhaps, sexing them on stage like Shatta Wale does with his wife.

An industry without beef, some say it may not survive as the various genres will suffer the heat, other school of thoughts say, beef indeed is really healthy for all genres only if it comes with a  clear conscious.

Really? Is there any beef that erupts on a clear mind? Maybe Sarkodie’s slight war with M.anifset could qualify but definitely not Wanlov and D-Blacks!

You never hear D-Black rap so good until his 'wanlov' beef - Jessica OS


Until rapper D-Black released ‘The List’ many criticized his act and credibility as an artiste. Many saw him as a businessman instead but thanks to his resident DJ and producer DJ Breezy who kept pushing him to the core to unearth his hidden talent.

Suprisingly, a chunk of the silent audience who believed D-Black was wack had their fair opinions when they finally heard the spoken word diss record released by the rapper to half of the FOKN Bois duo Wanlov.

According to radio/TV presenter Jessica of Citi FM, Beef is good and it brings out the best in artistes. She doubles as one of the silent speakers who believes that ‘You never hear D-Black rap so good until he dropped the list, a direct shot at Wanlov.’

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