Yogendra Ahimi set to release new album “Africa Child”

Yogendra at The Republic Bar, AccraYogendra Ahimi is a folk-root musician from Ghana. Born as Isaac Yaw Owusu Ahimi he later changed his name to Yogendra. His “yogic” name as he explains it. He was 17 when he bought his first guitar which had no strings. Yogendra has since then managed to compose his own songs and he’s even famous for hit single “Ghanaba“. His yet to be released album African Child is about his childhood and his present life.

Yoggy draws his inspiration from various aspects of life and is fond of expressing himself in Twi, Ga and the English language.

“I draw my inspiration from so many things. Other songs, my life, what I have been through so far. Many people inspire me too, both in good and bad ways. It cuts across.I grew up listening to so many different genres and found much joy in highlife, boogah highlife, palm wine music, reggae, country and many other genres. My dad had all the records from Kwaw Mensah, ET Mensah, Bob Marley , Eric Donaldsons, Daddy Lumba. They were so many I can’t even mention all. These artists express themselves so well to rhythms that are danceable but also easy relaxing to.” -he said in an interview with kalangu Mag.

Speaking on his new album and life as a musician, he stated:
” Music is my life, my breathing and all about me. I can’t live without it.”

“When I’m not playing music, I do nothing else for now. I’m always based in the studio. I have no life except music. But I like painting and writing poems. I also practice Sahaja yoga here in Accra. I live with my mother so she cooks everything for me haahaa. It gives me a lot of time to work with my music.”

“About my upcoming album, I feel great about it. It’s my first album so I’m a bit nervous. I feel that it had to be done. You can’t truly express your mind unless you voice it out.”

Check out songs from Yogendra Ahimi ‘s Hakuna Matata.
His live performances below.


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