We can’t afford to go back to scratch – Reggie N Bollie

Reggie N BollieBeing thrifty with monies though they have quite the ‘dough’ to spend is what UK-based Ghanaian music duo Reggie N Bollie have adopted as a way of ensuring that they stay in the league and don’t fall back to their poverty-stricken lives before they became stars.

Having moved from grass to grace through music, the two admitted that despite the urge to spend quite excessively considering the monies they have now, they still keep in mind their ‘hungry days’ where they had absolutely nothing and had to fight each day to survive.

Speaking on the ‘Delay Show’, Reggie N Bollie said they live a very comfortable life now because they can obtain anything they wish for in life but they have a limit point.

The ‘New Girl’ hitmaker said from 2010 to 2013 life was very difficult but after the exposure at the twelfth UK series of The X Factor in 2015, they can confidently say they are ‘rich’ and not hungry anymore.

‘God has blessed us soo much, we can afford anything we want in life now but there’re a possibility of us losing the monies we have if care is not taken’. Said Reggie N Bollie.

They hinted that they are worth more than 1million dollars.

Reggie N Bollie, have made impressive strides on the international music scene with songs such as “New Girl”, “Link Up”, “This is The Life”, and Bumaye.

The group which was formerly called Menn on Poinnt, comprises Reggie Zippy (born Reginald Ainooson), and Bollie Babyface (born Ishmael Hamid).

They’re 2015 runners-up of popular UK series of The X Factor and were formerly signed Syco Music. They now run their independent imprint F.R.O.D Music.

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