Wanlov the Kubolor critiques transportation with Trotro Blues ft Otuntu

Wanlov the Kubolor critiques transportation with Trotro Blues ft OtuntuIf you crossed the 11th century to 21st century fashion with 2017 ignorance and looked at it all through a pastel filter, you’d be within a stone’s throw of the daily transportation system in Africa, a video compliment to Wanlov and Otuntu’s new single, “Trotro Blue.”

The music video, set in a non-fictional theme environment, is prime for the Otuntu’s rebranding and eagerness to make known what reality music lovers have missed.  Though all scenes share a director, a highly embellished Ghanaian daily activity setting was depicted  with visual vocabulary giving “Trotro Blues” a decidedly leave of the transportation fantasy seen in the day-to-day activities one goes through using the public transport.

You can say the scenes are a favor of a confectionery nightmare but this video with casting done by Fidi and camera assisted by poet-cum videographer Fotombo has more creativity that expected.

Let’s pause.

It’s no coincidence that “Trotro Blues” differs only a few letters from “Trotro Dairies.” The middle lyrics alone are enough to hint at Wanlov’s distaste with the average mate’s desire to ignore the conflict-ridden world of the Police who needs to give ‘trotro’ drivers a ‘Blake’.

When these lyrics are combined with the trotro’s name and performers’ plastered smiles, parallels between the blindly euphoric patrons of a Trotro station and the ignorant passengers of the real world are visible.

Let’s resume with this in mind.

The trotro’s name came from the Akan word “tro” which means “3 Pence”, the colonial price of lorry fare. In Ghana public transpot is mainly called ‘trotro’, South Africa’s call it Taxi, whilst Kenyan’s call it Matatu.

In Ghana and neighboring countries tro tros are privately owned minibus that travels at fixed routes leaving when filled to capacity

Operated by a driver and a conductor (who collects money, shouts out the destination, and can also be called a “mate”), many are decorated with slogans and sayings, often religious.

Whilst the video has various elements of art and scenery, parts of Ghana, Accra to be precise, was beautifully explored and oh, find the epic scene featuring passengers imitating mannequins and freezing for the camera while Otuntu master mix his art with creative verses in the background. Somewhere in the trotro. “Mate buys a passenger water, driver interacts with passenger and the selfie chic taking a ‘trofie’ for our ‘trotro dairies” group.


A Hiphop ballad for Africa.
Song produced by East Coast Productions.
Off the album “Orange Card: Fruitopian Raps”

Great video matching its lyrics! Enjoy viewing. Share.

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