VIDEO: Ruyonga ft. St Nelly Sade & Anette Nanduja — Empisa

“Empisa” is a single off Ruyonga’s latest album “Glory Fire” that was released early this month. The song features St. Nelly Sade a lugaflow rapper with an incredible storytelling delivery and Anette Nandujja one of the legends in the Ugandan music industry on the hook.

“Empisa” means manners or behavior when loosely translated and on this particular song Ruyonga bridges the gap between different generations of music listeners so as to deliver a message of good behavior in society and how our livelihoods are constantly evolving in today’s modern world in relation to the stories that we used to be told when growing up.

So as to bring the message of the song to life, Ruyonga and the director of the video, Achilles Spartan went for traditional cultural wear, Anette Nandujja’s dancers which kept it simple but still entertaining at the same time. On the other hand, Izaya (the producer) gave the song a sound that can be related to different audiences thus Anette Nanduja’s audience and a Ruyonga or St Nelly Sade audience (hip-hop audience). Check out the video below.


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