Video: OH! Strongman — Wobe Pe Me Anaa, but WHY?

Nope, it’s not a Sarkodie gig. That Skinny swagged gentleman straddling the cannon is Strongman Burner, one of the fast rising embattled Youngstar rappers in Ghana! First of all, let me start but asking why FlowKing Stone allowed the lady to serve him an already poured wine resting in the fridge. Oh! The One Cedi note that flashed the screen was hilarious, I didn’t expect to see that but in all who does the above? “Wo be Pe Me Anaa” translates “Would You Still Love Me?” but on the main the video depicts unusual visuals from the normal lovi-dovi broken heart videos that talks about love or relationships in general. A bit of hip hop rap fused in a lazy performing visual. You can call this creativity but whoever advised Strongman to pamper himself with those ladies didn’t help him.

What’s like a cue cheesy dance-in-air-wearing-bikins caught my attention! Oh look, now Strongman looks like some kind of prodigy, scrawling undistinguishable money on the floor with a certain shy-serious look on his face. Does he even notice the ladies? He’s keeping all the money to himself even in the video! He means business and this brings boredom! But if you were a Siano, you got to see a forlorn love story, as told by a leather jacket-donning Strongman.

Nothing looks interesting from start to finish in the video and as youngstar, you should focus more on bringing out the best creativity than trying to mentally draw excogitation from the audience. It’s a waste of creativity. There’s less to say about this video because even with its semi-good visual, you cannot get the message the video is saying. So let’s take out the rap, the video needs a remake! Song produced by Tubhani Muzi and the video was directed by Wood Films. A good song, bad visuals. Download the audio and let’s pretend we never saw the video, we’re hopeful there will be an alternative soon.

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