Video: Man hides his sister in a septic hole for two years for money rituals

Man hides his sister in a septic hole for four years for money rituals

Tanzania Man and Sister

This is a video of a man in Tanzania who has been arrested for allegedly putting his sister in a septic hole for more than a year for money rituals.

As reported with the video below, Police in Mbeya Tanzania are currently holding a 32-year-old man for keeping his 25-year-old sister in a septic tank for two years.

According to sources, the uncle to the two siblings Mr Siame, revealed Nathan Machoma had for two years been keeping his sister Neemah Machoma both of Mbeya District in Tanzania in a septic tank as advised by his witch doctor in Sumbawanga where he had gone to seek for satanic powers in order to get rich.

Nathan Machoma who is believed to have lied to people that his sister was missing became rich a year after her supposed missing case was filed. He even reported the case of his missing sister to the police and Tanzania’s Free Africa Radio where the matter of the beautiful missing girl was repeatedly broadcasted for one month but all these efforts were in vain.

Sources adds that, Nathan was also abusing his sister sexually for two months after making her an imbecile and was reportedly eating her faecal matter for more cash.

Because he was thriving on his sister’s faeces, he went in to build a huge water tank in January 2014 and he threw his sister into it while he continued feeding her inside the tank.
The more faeces she dropped in the tank, the more money he earns in his pockets and he finally became a millionaire within a year in 2014 and bought five vehicles two of which killed people in road accident.

Although we gather that, the ritual killings are high in Tanzania and Nakonde, Zambians that practice business witchcraft get their powers from Sumbuwanga.

Thanks to Nathan Machoma’s maid who discovered the poor girl in the pit after being curious about her boss’ visits to the tank every morning before he goes out to work.

The girl found, Neemah Machoma was once a pupil at one of the Zambian Schools in Nakonde (Ntindi Basic) some 10 years ago when she was staying with her Zambian grandmother in Chiyanga Village.

Man hides his sister in a septic hole for four years for money rituals

Before and After photo of his sister

Watch the video of the girl below.

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