Video: Lil Shaker ft. Joey B x EL — Madakraa

Madakraa was a top 10 trend on twitter for days, even before the song was released and ever since its release, it has been on lips in the hood and the stories are just what the hood boys and girls need for their movement… #madakraa! The talk of town; with its popular hashtag #madakraa.

Lil Shaker laying on a bed with ‘his’ girl on their upright in posture bed featured ace rapper EL who did justice as usual to coalesce in his elements of egoist rap verses and the new Adidas Ambassador Joey B of “Tonga” fame who sung less but displayed more of his Adidas kits from hair to toe.

Let’s just say Pascal Aka did a great job directing the video because not only is the picture quality a ninety-nine percent good but also the scenes in the motion pictures are quite interesting with its great shots. The kid-moment where EL, Joey B all with Lil Shaker tries to sleep in their palm was hilarious but wait, who goes to bed holding a hat? I guess Joey B wasn’t sleeping as he tried depicting.

Whilst you watch, try and find one thing you love or dislike in this video and leave your comment below. Your comment will go a long way into shaping their creative works.


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