Video: Turkish striker Mehmet fired for assaulting opponent’s defender

MehmetA football player, angered by the referee’s rightful red card decision following a deliberate tackle aimed at his opponent’s leg, kicked his opponent right in the face before heading off to the changing rooms.

Mehmet Degirmenci who plays for Sanayispor in the lower tiers of Turkish football was fired after viciously attacking a player of an opposing team during a confrontation during the match.

The shocking move came in an amateur football match between Dallıcaspor and Sanayispor football clubs playing in the Nazilli district of Turkey’s western Aydın province.

Sanayispor player Mehmet Değirmenci deliberately tackled his opponent Kayhan Karakaş from Dallıcaspor after a strong shoulder charge. As his action received a red card from the referee, the player turned back to his opponent, already lying on the ground with pain, and kicked him in the face.

Following the assault, Degirmenci managed to not get sent off and played the whole game, Snanyispor officials were however forced to fire him after the football association threatened to take action against the club after banning the player.

As the incident drew huge reaction, Sanayispor released a written statement apologizing from Dallıcaspor, Karakaş, and the whole Turkish sports community, saying that Değirmenci was fired from the team.

After the game, Karakaş told the press that he blacked out due to the kick, and he could have died. He pressed charges against Değirmenci for ‘attempted manslaughter’.
Watch the video below.


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