Tripple 2 out with a new single ‘Bills’

Tripple 2 - Bills
Finland-based-Ghanaian music duo, Tripple 2, seem poised to maintain the “status” after getting some attention as the first music group of African descent to make waves in the Scandinavian region.

The group, made up of twin brothers – Atsu Akrong (Akrong) and Etse Akrong (CJ) has released a new song, Bills, and is ready with the video which was shot by Samir Faraj.

Produced by Vinski Tirkkonen, aka Davinsci, Bills chronicles some of the challenges many young people encounter in their quest to make life meaningful for themselves.

As youth themselves, Akrong believes it’s a mandate to inspire their generation through their music. “In as much as our core reason for being in this industry is to entertain, we also have an obligation to educate our fans as well as impact positively on their lives with our works as role models”.

For that reason, he said, the group was inspired to address social issues that many artistes ignore in their music. The song teaches people of the implications of what engaging in negative vices could land you in future. We have to take the right path to be successful”, he said.

CJ on his part said, “It is amazing how far some young individuals will go in their quest to be successful. Do they even take into consideration the consequences of their actions in future?” he queried.

The video of Bills was shot in several locations including Helsinki, Finland and is expected to be shown on some international music channels and platforms. Watch out for the video. In the mean time, enjoy one of their singles below.


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