Top Five Smallest Countries In The World

There are many hidden and known countries worldwide. Tuvalu, San Marino and others rounds the top five smallest countries in the world.
Vatican is 0.44kilometers with a population of about 900 (Citizens and Non-citizens), it is the world’s smallest country and it is also referred to as “Holy See”.
Monaco 1
Monaco. The Billionaire zone might just be about 2 kilometers per-capital worldwide, but it houses most of the worthiest people you can think of! The population is about 36,000 and it is the world’s most densely populated country.
Nauru is 21 kilometers with a population of about 10,436. It is an island nation located in the east of Australia, Nauru is the smallest island country in the world. It is a quiet island off the radar and it is also known as the country with the most obese people in the world.
Tuvalu is 26kilometers, it is formerly known as the Elise Island and located in the Pacific Ocean, west of Australia. There are about 10,000 inhabitants, with 8km of roads, and only 1 hospital available on the main island.
San Marino
San Marino is majorly surrounded by Italy, it is 61 kilometers and with population of 30,000. It is the 3rd smallest country in Europe and it is one of the country that has lowest unemployment rates in the world.
There! you have the smallest countries in the world.


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