The Movie: What happened to Kalybos in China?

kalybos-in-chinaThe popular comic series “Boys Kasa” which stars Kalybos and Ahuofe Patri  took another turn last weekend at the West Hills Mall, Weija, with the premiere of the much anticipated maiden movie “Kalybos in China”. Running a ponderous 1 ½ hours, Star studded and nostalgic, the telecast demonstrated the team’s determination to milk all things “comic” beyond the breaking point and creatively speaking, they tried as well to send a message and the media’s willingness to treat their message like another arbitrary milestone like an event. To paraphrase the “Kalybos in China” scenes, sorry, but Kalybos wasn’t that interesting in China as compared to Ghana.

The credits ran so short creating a fleeting fear that the audience might expect long-exciting scenes from the movie but after the obligatory Kalybos’ comic opening starring newbie” Kakari” the movie didn’t really turn out to be the night in a microcosm, but with so many guests crowded at the entrance by the time Kalybos and Ahoufe Patri showed up, their brief duet felt like an afterthought.

Give the newbie Kakari credit. Faced with the prospect of a maiden comic genre, he seized the opportunity to give the Kalybos stunt an additional heft. And frankly speaking, it’s not like he’s not funny, he’s a total rib-breaker!

That’s not to say the evening was without moments. With so many talented people and that much time, how could there not be – from “Celebrity Jeopardy” where few eventual stars weren’t recognized by fans at the premiere and the interview packages from various media houses to Kalybos and Ahoufe Patri’s arrival in a black Limo belting out the “Jaws” of fans who rushed to embrace them, creating no space for the media to do their work and it even burst out that the top stars for the night Kalybos and Ahoufe Patri came out and had nothing much to say after fans anticipated their arrival.

Still, too many sketches “In China” dragged on interminably. Kalybos’ stay in China appearances actually felt like time that could have been better devoted to other cast members. It also took a lot of work, in fact, to make a segment featuring Ahoufe Patri, Fafa  and Mandy (Nikki Samonas and Christable Ekeh respectively) interesting because, all the shots were ho-hum.

For those well versed in the movie’s history, even the highlights began to yield diminishing returns, and the celebrity homages to characters played by John Dumelo and Master Richard didn’t really connect.

For Kofas Media, of course, there’s no downside in building an entire weekend around “Kalybos in China” To quote fictionalized versions of a local wise sayings, that’s just smart “strategery.”

But what was positioned as a celebration felt a whole lot more like an endurance test long before it was over. On the plus side, at least those in attendance looked like they were having a good time. Clapping at a point and oh not forgetting the hour where the audience staged a mini-drama asking Kalybos’ crew to provide air-condition to save the heat.

Near the end, the movie could be referred to as an amazing production, and in terms of longevity and continued popularity it is certainly that. “Kalybos in China” conveyed its sense of being still crazy after all these years, as Kalybos, the only “bos” with one “S” ended the movie with his favourite line,  “Medi Nkawasiasem”. The nagging feelings that muster much enthusiasm for “Kalybos in China” will require forgetting the most laborious evening.

Did you enjoy KALYBOS IN CHINA?

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