“The institution Fifa is not corrupt” – Sepp Blatter

FIFA President  Sepp Blatter Sepp Blatter, the current FIFA president has made rather ironic statement, claiming that there is no corruption in football amidst all the arrests and lawsuits and indictments and accusations of corruption flying around bodies associated with the world football and FIFA.

Sepp Blatter was re-elected into office in May but barely two weeks into what could have been a fifth tenure, Sepp Blatter decided to relinquish the seat of president stating that the corruption saga had brought disgrace to the game and FIFA needed a change. It is quite ironic to now hear the same man who uttered those words in June turn around and tell BBC Sports that there is no corruption in the sport.

“That’s not true, this has been created. The institution is not corrupt – there is no corruption in football,” he told BBC Sport.

“There is corruption with individuals; there is not a general organized corruption. It is with people, the institution Fifa is not corrupt. It’s not the institution, that’s why I can’t understand why the world’s media say FIFA is corrupt.” Blatter added while trying his possible best to absorb FIFA, whose officials are being arrested all across the world on various counts of corruption, including accepting bribes to hand out World Cup hosting rights of any guilt in the corruption scandal.


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