The Good, The Bad And Ugly Shots At Chale Wote 2015

Chale WoteChale Wote Street Art Festival at Jamestown is arguably the most attended festival in Accra. The only festival that has 90 percent of the youth invading the streets with all kinds of dress, hairstyle and what have you.

It is the nature of the festival that brings out the creativity and craziness in people. Just imagine Chale Wote fused into the Homowo activities, CHALE WOTE!! From the craziest street art, to painting, body arts, music and oh the art installations I mentioned earlier in my previous post! This year had the craziest art installations ever!

Natascia Silverio was the talk to town with three naked bodies aside the lively music that intrigues many at the yearly event organized by accra[dot]alt.

Under the theme African Electronics, took over James Town (also called British Accra) rearranging the streets into dynamic exhibition rooms, giving artistes space to express and amplify their creative voices.

On display were works from some prominent Ghanaian artistes and painters including Bright Ackwerh, Benjamin Okantey, Adjo Kisser, Faustina Nsoh, Nana Oforiatta Ayim, Adiddas Ambassador and rapper Joey B, Tinny, Jayso, Pappy Kojo and many others. These photos below will blow your mind! From the craziest paintings to body art/installations where the Pieta African resurrect performance installation merges history, race, culture and gender borders to redefine new form of human existence within the 21st Century. This performance questions our disabled mind and the dependant throne of governance in many African nations. The human body is the most powerful natural technology powered by the brain. However, all its energy can only be a waste when the brain is deactivated and more! Let’s do this again at Chale Wote Street Art Festival 2016.
Chale Wote art 2
Chale Wote art 3
Chale Wote art 4
Chale Wote art 5
Chale Wote art 8
Chale Wote art 9

Chale Wote Art 10
Chale Wote Art
Chale Wote art6
Chale Wote arts 11
Chale Wote arts 12
Chale Wote arts
Chale Wote bike 2
Chale Wote Bike
Chale Wote drone
Chale Wote Hair style 2
Chale Wote Hair style
Chale Wote hairstyle
Chale Wote illustrations 1
chale Wote hair
Chale Wote illustrations 2
Chale Wote illustrations
Chale Wote kids
Chale Wote naked 4
Chale Wote naked 5
Chale Wote naked art 2
Chale Wote naked art 3
Chale Wote naked art
Chale Wote pappy and Joey B 2
Chale Wote pappy and Joey B 3
Chale Wote pappy and Joey B
Chale Wote scary figure
Chale Wote sea view
Chale Wote sitting
Chale Wote yoyo things


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