Sarkodie didn’t mock GTP, Lawyer tells Okraku to Shut Up

Sarkodie didn't mock GTP, Lawyer tells Okraku to Shut UpMoses Foh-Amoaning, lawyer and brother-in-law of BET Award-winner, Sarkodie, believes that Mark Okraku-Mantey is carrying the artiste’s ‘GTP-Kaba’ line in ‘Kanta’ too far.

Okraku-Mantey said on Hitz FM, Monday, that a line in ‘Kanta’ which says,“Obi b3 disse me a na 3nny3 rapper a )de GTP ntoma pam kaba” to wit, ‘if someone will diss me, certainly not a rapper who sews kaba with GTP textile’, shows that Sarkodie does not understand brand equity.

According to the artiste manager, Sarkodie could have made his point without ridiculing the GTP brand.

But speaking on Adom FM, Mr Foh-Amoaning said the rap line was not meant to denigrate GTP.

“I heard Mark, I think he’s carrying this thing too far. I don’t think Sarkodie wants to condemn those who wear African print. You know when you are rapping, sometimes, you might use words like that in metaphoric manner,” he said.

Foh-Amoaning however apologised on behalf of Sarkodie for any harm that might have been caused in that regard.

Sarkodie didn't mock GTP, Lawyer tells Okraku to Shut Up

Moses Foh-Amoaning

“Let me on behalf of the family apologise…. Anyone who, so to speak, is affected with respect to what has happened, let me apologise on behalf of Sarkodie. Everyone knows that is not his style. The battle looks heated so let’s forgive him,” he said.

Meanwhile, Okraku-Mantey has questioned if Foh-Amoaning would have spoken the way he did if he happened to be on the other side.

“It is not easy to build a brand; but it’s very easy to destroy. So when people build brands, you don’t joke with it… He could have just said ‘cloth’ without mentioning any brand. If he [Foh-Amoaning] was the lawyer of GTP, would he have spoken the same?” he queried on Hitz FM’s Daybreak Hitz with KMJ, Tuesday.

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