Promzy and I can create music together but we don’t necessarily have to be a group –Bright of Buk Bak riposte to new group ideas


Bright Bling Sparkles has read reports about Captain Planet’s plan to put Promzy and him into a group since both are on a solo journey now.
The singer after the demise of his group mate Ronnie Coaches has been silent music wise and his protégée Captain Planet has a plan.

The “Kolom” hit maker in an exclusive interview with yfmghana.com narrated;

I know people want to hear something new since my brother passed on and people want to hear Promzy on a new joint since he went solo. All I can I say at the moment is that anything is possible.

Music is art and with art you never say never because anything is possible. We two can create music together but we don’t necessarily have to be a group. I’m not thinking about joining or forming any alliance or group at this point in my career because honestly any decision I take now that will affect the Buk Bak brand, I will try to think about what Ronnie’s reaction would have been if he was alive.
What people have to realize is that we are still young and have a lot of music in us and still have a lot to show and prove music wise. But I guess because we became famous at a very young age, people assume we are too grown and now veterans.

Promzy is my big brother and I know at the right time people will have all the records they need from us. We do speak from time but it hasn’t been about making music together. I can’t say much about this at the moment but what I know is that God’s time is best and I’m waiting for God’s direction.”


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