PPP is the only party to improve Ghanaian Lives – Papa Kwesi Nduom

PPP is the only party to improve Ghanaian Lives – Papa Kwesi Nduom

Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom

According to Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom, President Mahama has failed to deliver on the promises that won him the 2012 elections. The 2016 Presidential nominee of the Progressive Peoples’ Party (PPP) wants Ghanaians to reject President Mahama in the December polls due to what he says is his bad record in government.

“There is someone going around Ghana and he is asking Ghanaians that they should give him four more years, my friends, when you vote for someone, you vote for the President to bring you something good.

He told us that when he comes dumsor will be a thing of the past. Where is Dumsor, Dumsor? It is here with us. The same man he told us, if you vote for me, I will build 200 schools.

Where are the 200 schools? He told all Ghanaians if you vote for me, I will create millions of jobs, where are the jobs. When somebody promises and does not deliver, do they deserve four more years? No four more years,” he said.

Speaking at the party’s ‘Don’t waste your vote’ rally in Accra on Saturday, Dr. Nduom said the PPP is the only party that is ready to improve the lives of Ghanaians.

Various speakers including the National Chairman and Running Mate to the Flagbearer of the PPP, justified why a vote for both the NDC and the NPP will be a waste , adding that a vote for PPP will translate into incompetent incorruptible leadership, education, preventive healthcare and jobs.

The “Don’t Waste Your Vote” national rally, which came off at the Nima Kawukudi Park, brought together the rank and file of the PPP around the country.


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