Photos: Nigeria’s ‘Male Barbie Doll’ Okuneye Idris slam critics

Photos: Nigeria’s ‘Male Barbie Doll’ Okuneye Idris slams critics

Okuneye Idris – Before and After photos

It’s quite impressive to see men in Nigeria begin a competition of who get’s the best make-up kits with the ladies. Whatever inspired this cause is indeed going a long way to add flavours to the human race. It’s easier to put on make-ups than to change the whole identity from male to female anyway…

Okuneye Idris Olanrewaju, nicknamed Nigeria’s male barbie doll went from being as dark as night to being this fair as an oyibo (White man) as my Warri friends will say. His bleaching isn’t a joke. I hear some ladies even reach out to him for expert advice and quality make-up kits.

Thanks to social media for making him popular when a picture of Idris emerged online some days back along with new pictures of his doll-face makeup, crashing eyelashes and giant nails!

Nigerians themselves were amazed by this huge transformation and threw some jibes at the new lady-man but unashamed Idris didn’t let their talk slide, he took shots at his critics saying he doesn’t give a f**k.

He doesn’t look broke though and many suspects he’s gay. Read what Idris wrote online and see some photos of him below.

Just dis week alone I saw myself on three blogs, bloggers are busying making their money while some jobless fool will sit down and type rubbish….as far as am concern I don’t give a fuck about any shit written about me. As far as am counting my millions and helping people d little way I can and also paying my tight to God. Fuck humans let God judge me not humans we are all created from d same sand so no humans should judge anyone. We are all sinners no one is Perfect so no one should sit down and say shit about anyone. And if u are looking for someone to advice am sure he or she should have a relations.There is always an adages dat say mind your turn cloth were is turn and stay away from other.morning to u all.

Photos: Nigeria’s ‘Male Barbie Doll’ Okuneye Idris slam criticsPhotos: Nigeria’s ‘Male Barbie Doll’ Okuneye Idris slam criticsPhotos: Nigeria’s ‘Male Barbie Doll’ Okuneye Idris slam critics
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