P1 Marley – Show Dem

P1 Marley – Show Dem

P1 Marley – Show Dem

If you, like me, loves to hear fresh new music, then it’s likely that you keep an eye out for recommendations from your favourite music aficionados so that you can find new tracks to add to your library.

Let’s begin with this tip-off from Nigerian-born reggae-pop artist, P1 Marley who believes focus strengthens his ability to make good music each time.

Off his forthcoming “Son of Man” EP, Marley releases a new single titled “Show Dem”. The song talks about a brave yet brilliant musical journey and a creative road few artists dare to travel.

He makes mention of Lucky Dube, praying he comes back to life to continue his good music.

Listen to P1 Marley – Show Dem below.


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