Okyeame Kwame is not ready to collaborate with Obrafour

Okyeame Kwame is not ready to collaborate with ObrafourDepending on the ideologies and business inclinations of an artiste, musical collaborations should always be heralded but definitely not for the self-acclaimed Rap Dacta, Okyeame Kwame, especially when the idea of collaborating with another heavyweight artiste like Obrafour is entertained.

Razzonline.com monitored the clear discomfort Okyeame Kwame endured when he attempted to answer a question from a fan who queried if he would collaborate with Obrafour on a song, when the ‘Faithful’ singer had time with Bola Ray and Anita Erskine on ‘Starr Drive’ on Starr FM.

Okyeame Kwame discarded the idea of collaborating with Obrafour, stating that, “our brand lines will not permit it.”

Even when he was coerced by the two hosts to succumb to a possible feature or collaborative effort between him and Obrafour in future, he shot all possibilities down.

He went on further to state that, when two artistes ‘beef’, fans anticipate to see the ‘beefing’ artistes on a song, which will only fuel their judgment and comparison of the two artistes – something he is not ready for.

Kwame was making reference to his 2009 rift with Obrafour, which started with the release of the latter’s ‘Kasiebo’ diss track, which had some lyrics questioning the rap skills of Okyeame Kwame.

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