Listen Up! Ogidi Brown – Faky3 ft. Rap Fada

Ogidi Brown - Faky3 ft. Rap FadaIt has become obvious that, these modern days Ghanaian artists are prone to accidents. For the past few years, we have witnessed whole lots of accidents happening to our fascinating artists. Most of these accidents results in the loss of lives. But the fortunate ones escape death and as they return, they turn to come out share their experience with the world.

A couple of survivors like Opanka and Yaw Siki, who almost lost their lives through accidents also turned to gospel, just to show appreciation to God for saving their lives. Today, “Faky3” from this amazing Ghanaian – Italy based artiste Ogidi Brown also shares his story.

Ogidi Brown on the 5th of April, 2015 in Italy, had a very fatal accident. Among four involved casualties, Ogidi was the only survivor taken by a copter to the hospital. Sadly, Ogidi Brown was unconscious for a whole week. Most people thought we had lost such a talented artiste at very young age. But miraculously, Brown came back to life like a new born baby. His health got better and better with time after spending eight (8) months at Montecatone Hospital in Italy. In fact, his bounce back is a great miracle.

His escape opened his eyes to a lot of truths and the first song he does after the accident is “Faky3”. According to the song by Brown, forgiveness is the key to being saved. The Christian Holy Bible even stress on forgiveness. This song is an eye opener. Its lyrics are true and you could hear it is flowing deep from the heart.

Download and share this song and never seize to have a forgiving heart.

DOWNLOAD: Ogidi Brown – Faky3 ft. Rap Fada


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