No More Goodbyes as Eli and Gabby exist #MTNProjectfame9

No More Goodbyes as Eli and Gabby exist #MTNProjectfame9The competition has indeed gotten to its peak as we witness the elimination shows as well as nomination shows for the Season at MTN Project Fame 9.

As part of the house rule, we will not be saying goodbyes anymore as the remaining six contestants after the last round of elimination have made it to the finals.

The competition comes to its climax, performance nights are also getting more interesting, leaving viewers clamoring for an encore. Last weekend’s evening which featured contestants’ dancehall and group song performances was no exception!

The contestants lived up to their ‘Super Six’ status as they performed a medley of ‘Winners’ & ‘Champion’ songs, both originally performed by Season 3 and 7 finalists respectively. It was indeed heartwarming to listen to the champions as they sang with the confidence peculiar to exceptional superstars.

Indeed, the Ghanaian reps who had high hopes have all been grounded in the past weeks. Whilst the viewers made their decision as they voted; hence West Africa’s votes saved seven contestants except Gabriel, Oluchi, Steve, Dapo, and Winner. Just before the names of these contestants with the least number of viewers’ votes were revealed, all the contestants delivered another impressive group performance. Gabriel who was first to leave the house left Eli, the Ghanaian rep to keep the star shinning.

It was quite remarkable that the contestants on probation- Dapo, Eli, Elizabeth, Pere, and Mirabel fearlessly took part in the group song which opened the show despite the dreadful moment that was ahead of them in the evening of their elimination night.

Mirabel, Dapo, Pere, and Eli were announced as the ones who will have to battle it out on stage because Elizabeth was safe as she was revealed to have gotten the highest viewers votes. Without further ado, the remaining four contestants stepped on stage to perform again.

Although the Judges said their performances were nothing short of fantastic, the fact remained that they had just one ticket back into the Academy and they decided that Pere had earned it.

In the same vein, the contestants not on probation also gave their ticket to Dapo as they voted for him to re-join them in the race. Consequently, it was the end of the road in the competition for Mirabel and Eli.

No More Goodbyes as Eli and Gabby exist #MTNProjectfame9

Eli (Left) and Gabby (Right)

During their last performances in the competition, Gabriel performed (Ahomka womu by VIP) whilst Eli rocked fans with ‘Africa’ by Salif Keita.

The two bundles of talent however gave their last stellar performance each on separate elinamtion show before they took a bow. Gabby left with Steve whilst Eli was eliminated with Mirable who sang Yahooze by Olu Maintain.

They were joined on stage by the other contestants who sang along with them amidst hugs and encouraging pats on the back. Check out what happened on the final elimination show below.


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