Meet The New Jaguar E-Pace Drive With Pro Infotainment System

Meet The New Jaguar E-Pace Drive With Pro Infotainment SystemJaguar’s new entry-level SUV outclasses the competition in style – and more. It’s still only a cub, but Jaguar’s new E-Pace with pro infotainment is ready to lead the pack.

Every Jaguar is a work of technical artistry; agile and sculptural, inspired and theatrical; a true performer that makes the road its stage. Born of flair, ingenuity, and instinct for seduction, Jaguar creations embody a passion for performance and express reason for being.

To excite in every sense, the 2018 Jaguar E-Pace drive is here for everyone. A premium compact SUV has the potential to cement Jaguar within the luxury car conversation, but look among the current players – BMW’s X1, Mercedes-Benz’s GLA, and Audi’s Q3 – and you’ll find little evidence of inspired design. This begs the question — is an attractive compact SUV, with its stubby proportions and restrictive price point, even possible?


Bjrlivefm.com, Story by Samcilla

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