A Unique Melange of Jazz, Soul and Afrobeat meet Adomaa, the Mash-up songstress

AdomaaMusic is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything. I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music and Ghanaian music is definitely one rising sound to listen.

The music business has changed in recent times. We no longer feel the hi-life songs as we used to but then again, we hear renditions and new styles of making the old skool music sound current. The blends are helping and this has paved way for established artists hence making the music market flexible for up and coming ones. While others are busily looking for features with top stars to break into the music markets, others are upgrading their style and ways of doing music and winning some fans along the line.

Ghanaian-Nigerian born musician, Joy Onyinyechukwu Adomaa Serwaa Adjeman, best known as Adomaa in her circles, is one of the fast-rising stars Ghana can push to the world. Adomaa is bringing a refreshing new surge of unique artistry to the world of Ghanaian music, with her personal style: an exclusive mélange of jazz soul and Afrobeat, with a voice that may sound sweet and light, but has the ability to reach into the depths of a listener’s soul.

As more than just a musician, Adomaa’s desire is to personally touch people’s lives through her music as well as create an individualistic blend of jazz and Afro pop culture that relates to as many people as possible. Her desire is not just to be an entertainer, but to be a relevant entertainer, that performs and shares her talent with true meaning. With an active YouTube fanbase, Adomaa has managed to entertain her fans aside gracing various event with her abilities. Her uniqueness makes a match for neo-soul vocalist, Efya, who happens to be one of her biggest inspirations.

The novice has various musical mash-ups; with “Baafira-Adonai_ Mashup” her most viewed and much talked about composition and her latest #AdomaaMeetsNaija after the success of her Evolution of GH Music piece [a mashup of popular Ghanaian songs from the 1960s to recent hits].

Growing up in a very musical family, music has played a big part in her life from very early on. She developed a strong attachment to music; a passion for the kind of sound that is not merely listened to and moved on, but the kind that reaches deep into the listener’s soul, deeply affects their emotions, and has the power to influence perspectives. For the longest time, music has been her source of strength when life gets tough. She hopes that, through herself, she can provide others the same type of strength that she has found in her art.

Up close and personal:

Watch Adomaa’s interview with Kokui Selormey on Enjoy TV

In a recent chat where she was exposed to the rumor/truth of She being a stiff competition for the four-time Ghana Music Awards Best Female Vocal Performer, She said Efya is an ornament on her own, and also thinks there should not be any comparison between the two since she just started and is yet to carve a niche for herself unlike Efya.

“I’m very flattered that anybody would even compare me to Efya. It’s extremely flattering, but I really don’t think there should be a comparison because Efya is like a top shatta. I’m trying to create my own style even though I look up to her. She is one of my biggest inspirations”, she told Pulse TV in a One on One interview. She also spoke about how her journey started, public response as well as her next project.

There are many adjectives to describe the kind of sonic art Adomaa produces; she can be sweet yet soulful, soothing or sultry, vintage but classy, African and creative.

Above all, Adomaa is just herself: Adomaa; and her mission right now is to use the Internet as a stronghold to spread and share her music, talent and art far and wide so that as many people as possible can benefit and find inspiration from the very thing from which she draws hers. Adomaa is currently managed by VI Music.

Adomaa’s Music Gallery enjoy:


Also, enjoy her much talked about mashup “Baafira-Adonai”


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