M.anifest Exhibits Magic Realism in ‘W’ani aba’ Video ft. Bisa Kdei

M.anifest Exhibits Magic Realism in ‘W’ani aba’ Video ft. Bisa Kdei
M.Anifest Exhibits Magic Realism in 'W’ani aba' Video ft. Bisa Kdei
We’re back to an amazing visual from the man, M.Anifest who’s known for unleashing creative music videos.

Featuring VGMA nominated artiste of the year Bisa Kdei on this love single brings back memories.

For many music video lovers, this video will give you another perspective about the song as love can be expressed in diverse ways. ‘W’ani Aba’ as the song is titled is a creative masterpiece for lovers. A love song to celebrate any moment.

Whilst the video portrayed little or nothing ‘lovely’ and all girly and the whole touchy thingy with the exposed boobs and phat chicks skipping here and there, it opened it wings to for speculations of artistes who have joined secret societies and the way they find ways and means to expose them in their videos, like the Illuminati for example.

I’m sure you may have heard or read somewhere that one of the Illuminati codes say “what you see may not be what it seems to be”? Well whilst the video spoke about lovers, or from a loving heart to another cherishing mind, the tech space which blends science fiction amongst other afrofuturistic elements actually mean a lot.

For instance, you wear the ‘tech lenses’ and you are able to ‘see well’ from the future and the forthcoming events. It’s an eye opener for such a great music coming from the M dot camp.

Whereas I enjoyed the creativity churned by Flourish and Multiply, the combination of the Jamestown and Madina surrounding added a Ghanaian touch, one of which M.anifest is best known for featuring in his works. I’m also aware of Afrofuturism, which generally combines elements of fantasy, Afrocentricity, and magic realism with non-Western energies to critique the present-day issues whilst re-examining life in general. A little similar to the activities of the Illuminati… or it is since it weighs in to exposing futuristic egos as well.

The introduction of Afrofuturistic Sunglasses by Serge Attukwei Clottey was pretty epic and one my easily attribute the artworks to arts and creativity in general but then again what happens to the ‘all seeing eye’ popularly known to be used by the Illuminati? Again the highly popularized Illuminati symbols and imagery which contributes to making the video unique whilst exposing it’s ugly energies.

Maybe it’s too early to say M.anifest is telling us about his future of dealings with the Illuminati.
In all, the video is pretty unique, off the ground and exposes the rich environs we have here in Ghana.

The video was produced by Fui Tsikata and Mantse Aryee Quaye. Have fun watching the magic realms of M.anifest’s ‘W’ani aba’ below.

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