Legalizing marijuana will be better than homosexuality – Kwaw Kesse

Legalizing marijuana will be better than homosexuality – Kwaw KesseGhanaian rapper Kwaw Kesse has questioned the president’s ‘move’ for the possible legalization of homosexuality in Ghana.

In an interview with Aljazeera, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo encouraged same-sex activist to fight for their rights to homosexuality hence, fastening the process of the act being to be legalized in the country.

Mr. Akufo-Addo in his response said “if pressure groups and activists continue to ‘disturb’ the peace then, it may be bound to happen in the future.”

“I grew up in England; I went to school as a young boy in England and I grew up at a time in England when homosexuality was banned there, it was illegal and I lived in the period when British politicians thought it was anathema to think about changing the law and suddenly the activities of individuals, of groups, a certain awareness, a certain development grew and grew and grew stronger and it forced a change in law. I believe those are the same processes that will bring about changes in our situation.”

The president, however, pointed out that: “At the moment, I don’t feel and I don’t see that in Ghana, there is that strong current of opinion that will say: ‘This is something that we need even deal with’. It’s not, so far, a matter which is on the agenda.”

This statement in reponse to a question asked as to why homosexuality hasn’t been legalized although it’s a pressing issue in the country didn’t sit well with many Ganaians against the act and one of such people is controversial act Emmanuel Botchwey, popularly known asKwaw Kesse.

Kwaw took to Twitter to also share his sentiment by responding to a question posted by actor John Dumelo.Legalizing marijuana will be better than homosexuality – Kwaw Kesse

According to the rapper, he wondered why President Akufo-Addo is leading a campaign for the legalization of homosexuality instead of marijuana.

Nonetheless, the man in ‘sane’ is against homosexuality, he adds it shouldn’t be entertained in the country.

“It’s a moral wrong for a man to sleep with a fellow man. Even animals don’t do such. Have they finished legalizing marijuana…?” he queried.

However, some of the Ghanaian musicians such as Yaa Pono and Wanlov also disclosed their views on the homosexuality issues.

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