Kylie Jenner Opens Up On Caitlyn’s Transformation

caitlyn and kylieCaitlyn Jenner’s announcement of changing identities didn’t initially go well with many people and his 10 children’s reaction have not all been the same. One can understand, they were concerned about his transgender issues, and Caitlyn had to face his own anxieties.

“Kylie was the one that worried us most,” says former Olympian to a friend in an episode of The Incredible Family Kardashian. “She was trouble with that. I do my best to keep in touch, but it does not address the subject. It is closed with me lately.”

Meanwhile, Kendall Jenner explains that Kylie Jenner tends “to hide emotions.” And while traveling between siblings in Big Sky, Montana, Kylie said: “My sisters do not stop pushing me to address some issues, but I did not want to talk with anyone right now.”

NBC has released a video showing this evolution of Kylie opening up in her visit to Caitlyn at home. The footage is from the 8th part of “Call Me Caitlyn”.
Even though the famous teen wanted to meet her, she thought it was a little embarrassing. Watch the video below.

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