Kyeiwaa’s husband pleads with Ghost wife for Forgiveness

Kyeiwaa get married Kumasi-based Spare Parts dealer, Daniel Osei, who has been caught up in a messy marriage web involving Kumawood star Rose “Kyeiwaa” Mensah and Florence Kyei has added a different twist to whole issue by asking for forgiveness from his “legal” wife, Florence confirms.

Does this concludes Kyeiwaa stole a husband or Mr Osei was trying to act smart or perhaps, it’s just another odd but true story?

Mr. Osei and Kyeiwaa married happily recently and their marriage has since gone bonkers, leading to many accusing the Kumawood actress of stealing a man.

Kasapa News reports, Mr. Osei in the company of some of his colleagues stormed Florence Kyei’s residence Wednesday asking for his “sins to be forgiven”.

Kyei confirmed the latest development to Maame Broni of Kasapa FM stating that “Forgiving Mr. Osei wouldn’t be a problem since they share a very strong bond”
“He came along with a lot of people from his workplace asking for forgiveness. He said the plea was in order since we had kids to take care of.” She added.

“Because of the love I have for him, I have decided to accept his apology. We love each other; we’ve been together for years; we even own a store together.
“It is public knowledge in the area we reside that he is my husband.” Kyei concluded.

Many people will be wondering if the events happening so fast are ways of painting pictures in people’s minds ahead of another upcoming Kumawood movie especially when one cannot find the leg and head of this issue. From a quick wedding ceremony to stealing husband accusations back to Kyeiwaa and her family having a secret meeting to settle this issue and now this? We hope the best party wins Mr. Osei at the end.

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