Kwaw Kese’s Weed Smoking Can Only Get Worse – Kontihene

KONTIHENEComeback Hiplife artiste, Kontihene, has thrown some major punchlines at rapper, Kwaw Kese, whom he refers to as a “mad man incapable of producing content-filled music”.

He said on Starr FM Tuesday that he is convinced Kwaw Kese is truly “mad” and unworthy of his attention.

Both Kontihene and Kwaw Kese have been going back and forth on each other after the former said in an interview he could never feature ‘Abodam’ on any of his tracks.

Kwaw Kese took this as an insult to his creative abilities and asked Kontihene to keep his opinions to himself because he has lost his relevance on the music scene.

“If we are talking about Ghana music now, there is nowhere that Kontihene fits in. Kontihene became news ten years ago so if he comes back to be talking about me and throwing punches at me then it means he wants to use me to resurrect his career. Kontihene is dead,” Kwaw Kese told Amanda Jissih of Hitz FM earlier.

“The whole world knows Kwaw Kese is still grinding and I’m still doing big shows. I’m performing every now and then and nobody talks about that guy [Kontihene] anymore so I don’t think he should use me to resurrect his career. I beg him he should just remain calm and be where he is,” he added.

But responding to Kese’s attacks on The Zone with Ama Selormey and Naa Ashorkor, Tuesday, Kontihene said he meant no trouble with his comment on the Madtime Entertainment boss’ creative abilities.

“My comments were not intended to hurt anyone’s feelings. I was granting an interview on a new song I am producing and the presenter asked if I would want to feature him and I said no, his kind of music doesn’t work well with my style that’s all,” he said.

He, however, he said he feels sorry for the rapper for riding on his comments to start a beef, blaming the judge who granted him freedom after he was indicted for publicly smoking marijuana.

“I feel sorry for him. I don’t blame him, I blame the judge who just released him”

“If people go around smoking weed on the streets and you give them 5-year sentences and you bring this dude back on the street, it can only get worse”.

He added “I am busy doing something right now and I want to give very little attention to what he is doing but I intend to record evergreen songs and Kwaw Kese simply doesn’t cut it.

“I am recording a content-filled song. He records songs with less content. He doesn’t have an album,” Kontihene lashed.

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