Kim Kardashian Fears Yeezy’s Ex Wants Revenge

kanye west is cheating on KimIs Yeezy’s romance with the woman who broke the Internet fading? Kanye was allegedly caught talking with one of his exes, and Kim reportedly accused him of cheating on her!

Reports claim that Kim is afraid that Yeezy’s ex-lover will revenge on her hence the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star is worried that Kanye’s ex is really looking to deliver some karma which she can’t handle.

Kim allegedly blew up at Kanye after she reportedly discovered he was texting with an ex, according to the Sept. 14 issue of In Touch magazine. Kim also accused her husband of cheating on her, which Yeezy reportedly denied.

Kim might have a reason to be defensive, as she reportedly thinks this ex is looking for some payback! But why the payback?

It looks like there are many people who will wish to unleash their sentiments on the Kardashians now that the 34-year-old Kim Kardashian is furious at Kanye West which is actually masking her fears.

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