Kanye West Takes Full Control Over Kim Kardashian Wardrobe┃Encourages Pregnant Kim To Keep Wearing Heels And Formfitting Outfits

Kim Kardashian has been open about the role her hubby, Kanye West, has played in her style evolution over the past couple of years. And a source close to the star has revealed that West is now taking full control over the reality star’s wardrobe as she readies for another round of maternity fashions!
A source from Life & Style says that despite his wife being pregnant, West is encouraging her not to alter her style in any way.
Kanye would never allow Kim to wear sneakers, stretch pants and a loose blouse,” the insider said. “His rules include high-end couture designers, always formfitting and high heels are a must.”
However, since she was blasted for wearing tight, ill-fitting outfits and high heels far into her pregnancy with North back in 2013, the source said Kardashian isn’t completely sold on West’s reported fashion rules for her second pregnancy, rather source the infamous photo of her swollen feet being forced into a pair of plastic sandals has Kardashian wary of another maternity style fail.
“If there’s one photo Kim can’t stand of herself, it’s the one of her feet stuffed into those plastic sandals. She did that for Kanye, but she really hates the thought of doing that again,” the insider said.
kanye-west-styling-pregnant-kim-kardashian2Despite her sartorial concerns, the source admitted that Kardashian won’t question West’s ideas and will likely go along with any outfit he suggests she flaunt her baby bump in.
“Kanye says all the negative comments are just haters who are jealous of his and Kim’s fame. Kim isn’t sure of that. But she’ll do anything for her man,” the source concluded.


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