Kacey Moore — African Lady (prod by Zapp Mallet)

African Lady - Kacey More x Zapp Mallet2With the current trend in Ghanaian music gravitating towards Azonto and hip-hop, one is left with not many options to choose from. Many artists are scared of taking the risk of introducing or creating a new sound of music, but not for these two who have decided to break every single rule in the Ghanaian music scene.

Veteran music producer and engineer Emmanuel Mallet best known as Zapp Mallet is currently in the process of creating a new sound involving the experimentation of fusing different genres of music, mainly Orchestra, Rock, Jazz and Pop blended with the rich and beautiful African rhythms. He is also working on a Highlife rejuvenation project. His rhythm experimentation introduces Africa Rock which features award-winning singer/songwriter/poet Kacey Moore.

The style of music is a combination of up-tempo rhythms, energetic melodies infused with beautiful rock guitar sounds played by Zapp Mallet. The hook/chorus is performed by Zapp while Kacey does his magic with the two verses.

In the song, Kacey talks about his love for this beautiful African Princess for whom he is ready to die for and asks her to marry him. Kacey experiments with new melodies different from his usual composition patterns; an experience he describes as a good challenge. Happy listening!

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