Kaakie, AK Songstress and Their Managers are full of ‘Gutter’ Mentality

Kaakie, AK Songstress and Their Managers are full of 'Gutter' MentalityDJ Roy, one of the oldest music gurus Ghana can ever boost off was on AM Pluzz  today (11 Aug, 2016) to talk showbiz and how the Ghanaian entertainment industry can move forward positively.

Speaking on why artiste with minute fanbase should focus on building their careers instead of beefing each other, Kaakie and AK songstress were the two wildcards up for discussion.

Willi Roy who wasn’t pleased with JMJ and Duke Benson’s decision to allow their artiste record dissing songs didn’t hesitate calling the managers lazy!

Stating Wiyaala’s music tour as a good example the female artistes could emulate, Uncle Willi Roy as he’s affectionate hailed
said: “I don’t understand why these ladies will waste time to record beef songs”

“When Wiyaala is busy touring the world, these ladies are doing unnecessary music”

Asked what he thinks of Kaakie’s  beef songs lately he said: “As for Kaakie, I don’t even understand why she uses auto tune all the time when she has a beautiful voice”

Touching on Ak Songstress’ rebuttal song to Kaakie, “AK has a beautiful voice and her voice clarity can be more useful than recording these unnecessary songs”

Kaakie, AK Songstress and Their Managers are full of 'Gutter' Mentality

Willi Roy

This isn’t the first time Mr Roy has come hard at female artiste, it can be recalled he threw shade at Eazzy and Diamond Appiah sometime

in June when he was asked to mention two musicians that in his opinion are not talented. The popular AM Pluzz pundit didn’t mince words at all. He mentioned “kpakpo shito” hit maker – Eazzy and Diamond Appiah as his worst ever musicians in Ghana. 

He advised that “there are several tours online they (female artistes) can find gigs from but instead they are writing songs that will bring others down” “The girls and their managers should focus on what will move them forward and stop these gutter works”

“These girls are not relevant hence their songs to diss their gutter mates are irrelevant”
“As managers you should be looking for ways to elevate your artistes rather than having these gutter mindset to record diss songs”, Mr, Roy said.


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