It Gets Better (A Poem for Xenophobia Victims) by Samcilla Baakojr

Xenophobia 1

Estranging the rest of Africa from the world
Black countries tortured their own with flames
The Zulu once again affirm their underhanded past
Dishonouring the struggle, their forefathers fought for peace
Yet they cry freedom for all..


Soaked in blood mud, pierced by the claws of their greed which prevent their own skin colour from feeding… Ignorance?

the great holocaust! Who survives?

Emelia was a pretty lady
Smiling  friendly, her lips always ready
Living quiet in lovely suburbia
Her untimely death by non-white with xenophobia

Why did the potter create them this way?
Was it because there were two types of clay?
One forged as Cistern, the next as an Urn
And exactly whom should this mess concern


While the authorities are spectators

Instigated from high-level seats
First the defacing of statues to this
something much bigger is brewing
Tears of the victims and their families’
finally rinsing away beautifully painted canvas

“Not my fault I’m better than you, Zulu

You’re the black ball, I’m the cue

My life is going up, yours is going down,

Because you wear a dunce cap and I wear a crown”

…Your locals demand free everything

But foreigners see opportunity in building your economy

Allow this fate because it’s everywhere; will you also leave my land in peace or pieces?

It gets better Zulu. It gets better…


Do enough to stamp out, racism, intolerance and xenophobia

Respect all nationalities, religious backgrounds, sexual orientation and ethnic origins.

Because no one is good or bad on the basis of skin colour


the great holocaust! Who survives?

It gets better!


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