‘IMANIfesto has no support from political parties’ – Franklin Cudjoe

'IMANIfesto has no support from political parties' – Franklin Cudjoe

Franklin Cudjoe

IMANI through its IMANIfesto work has been scrutinizing the manifestos presented by the various political parties ahead of the December 2016 polls. So far, the think tank has scrutinized the manifesto of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) as well as an economic lecture delivered by the vice-presidential nominee of the main opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP).

The manifesto work being done by IMANI is not being sponsored by any political party in Ghana, the policy think tank revealed.

“Folks let me be frank with you; our manifesto work has not been paid for by any political party in Ghana,” founding president of IMANI Franklin Cudjoe posted on Facebook.

“We started this manifesto work in 2008 NOT 2016. Also, I don’t run around the corridors of western powers begging for money to do their bidding,” he said, adding: “Many times, our international visits have got to do with speaking and sharing ideas on important platforms or learning about the workings of different political and economic systems such as six of Imani staff visiting the US, Spain, Denmark, India, Uganda, Sudan, South Africa, the UK, Togo, Mali, Germany, Benin in the last year and half.”

Mr Cudjoe continued: “I have been on official visitor programmes to Australia, the UK and next week will be the first Ghanaian in recent times to be an official visitor to the European Union.”

“Finally, while I lead our fundraising efforts, I must be frank, no one will give you a dime unless what you propose to do with the money has some impact for building sound institutions. Our manifesto work is funded by the Ford Foundation, Open Society Foundation, UNICEF and Oxfam IBIS.

That said we welcome any individual and corporate sponsorships as long as they do not dictate the outcome of our work.


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